Pre-Order Policy

By placing a preorder with JCY HOUSE you will have the highest priority from our shipment that your order will be filled. We fill all preorders in the order they are received, so by preordering early you will be earlier in line, when it comes to getting a highly sought after item.  We also ship out in the order preorders were received, which means your order will ship out prior to orders for the same item placed once the goods became in stock.

When will my item arrive?

Please keep in mind that all pre-orders arrival time are provided by the manufacturer or distributor and may be changed by the manufacturer or distributor with no advance notice.

Are preorders guaranteed?

We have a 99% fill rate on preorders. The 1% are typically products that are cancelled by the manufacturer. Allocations may sometimes occur. 

Shipping rates for preorder items are estimates and may change depending on the actual size and weight of the item. If the shipping rate is substantially different, we will notify you when the item arrives. 

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding your order.



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