“Live by your own rules. Don’t back down. Be a warrior. You choose.”


Born into a world of chaos, where values and honour have been skewed, Once We Were Warriors was created to remind men and women what it means to be a warrior: to live a courageous life, to be just, and to live with honour.

We take our inspiration from the ancient world of the Samurai who held bravery, honour and personal loyalty above life itself. Their code, the Bushido, taught people the value of honesty, justice and clear judgement in distinguishing right from wrong.

We believe that the samurai soul lives on. Once We Were Warriors is the embodiment of the Samurai’s quiet respect, combined with a strong mind. Our collections have been created for modern warriors around the world who share the Samurai’s ideals.

Our clothes armour your body to equip you for modern life. Full of bold mantras to remind us of what we stand for, intricate and surprising details to uncover and unfold and a refined, qualitative sports-luxe aesthetic that the Samurai would be proud of today.

Welcome to the world of the modern warrior. Welcome to Once We Were Warriors.

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