Crystal Buddha, Mazu, Goddess of the Sea, Waves of Benevolent Light
Crystal Buddha, Mazu, Goddess of the Sea, Waves of Benevolent Light
Crystal Buddha, Mazu, Goddess of the Sea, Waves of Benevolent Light
Crystal Buddha, Mazu, Goddess of the Sea, Waves of Benevolent Light

Crystal Buddha, Mazu, Goddess of the Sea, Waves of Benevolent Light


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The Collection: Buddha Sculptures

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Design Concept:

As part of the series on the fabled heroine Mazu, this artwork depicts the goddess of the sea mounted on a dragon, travelling between the realms of heaven and earth.  The inspiration for the piece comes from Loretta H. Yang’s affinity with bodhisattvas, and Mazu’s striking resemblance to the bodhisattva Guanyin in her benevolence.  With roots in the Northern Song era (hence her attire) Mazu was immortalized for her immense bravery on the sea.  Moreover, she is revered for her kindness.  LIULI artists invested tremendous energy into the technicality and details of this piece so as to allow that quality of compassion to shine through with the crystal glass.  For those who know the story of Mazu, they may appreciate the wisdom that true bravery lies in kindness. 

  • The Goddess Mazu is typically depicted in a seated position until the first standing sculpture of Mazu was discovered in 1989. Even today, the image of Mazu atop a dragon in the water is deep rooted in the peoples hearts, a symbol of protection for all.

  • Because Mazu is from the Northern Song, she wears clothes associated with those times. She rides an auspicious dragon between heaven and earth, a protector of peace and a symbol of her inclusive benevolence.

  • Mazu has a dignified and benevolent appearance and a refined bearing. Her dress moves with the wind, representing the tranquility of harmony.

  • Mazu holds a Ruyi in her hand to disseminate auspicious blessings to all.


  • The most difficult part of sculpting Buddha figurine is capturing the charm and spirit. The smallest modification will create an entirely different mood. Without LIULIGONGFANG’s twenty-seven years experience with lost-wax casting, the execution of this design would be virtually impossible.

  • Challenges to overcome during firing:
    • The possibility of breakage is high due to many fine details of the artwork.

    • The rate of contraction can cause warping and affect the appearance of Mazu.

    • The intricate dragon details posed the greatest challenge during mold removal. The slightest error would result in breakage. During the firing process, the temperature must be controlled with precision to prevent warping of the final product.

MAZU -Goddess of the Sea, Waves of Benevolent Light

Riding high upon auspicious waves,
A protector of the people far and wide, 
Mazu blesses the seven seas with tranquility. 
Her mercy spans the centuries, 
Felt by generations for all eternity.

天上聖母, 琉璃媽祖 - [ 慈光安瀾 ]


Item No.:



12.80"L x 8.27"D x 17.20"H inches


Crystal Glass


Pate de Verre


Unlimited Edition

* Why we have unlimited quantity for this design?  The design signifies blessing, Loretta H. Yang thinks the blessing should not be limited, she hopes this creation can protect people and giving blessings to people as many as possible.

* Note: As the art pieces are individually hand-made, the color and dimensions will vary slightly.



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