Will Poho a long time coat designer and manufacturer is back with a new Cruelty free Parka line called Woodpecker. Woodpecker is a high end Parka brand that updates time honored Canadian Parkas with an ethical cruelty free (Vegan) twist. According to Will Poho, “ there are much better alternatives to down and fur. We respect animals and we refuse to use down and fur in our products. Our products are always in heat, never in fur!”

Woodpecker is a satirical brand with a good hearted, mischievous character, much like the bird its named after. Will Poho – “ Who wants a rainbow with only one colour? Woodpecker believes that diversity is what makes the world such a magical place. It takes every size, shape, colour and gender to make this planet what it is. Whoever you are, whatever you identify to be. Woodpecker welcomes you with open wings and open paws. “

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