Born out of a passion for unique patterns in the rhythm of impeccable lines and elegant cuts, RUDSAK was founded in Montreal by its visionary and creative leader Evik Asatoorian in 1994. The brand’s loyalties are forever committed to Evik’s love for leather and refined craftsmanship. Through his continued leadership, its signature “Spirit of Cool Rebel” has amplified RUDSAK’s audacious aesthetic while persevering it’s timeless edge. Born as a true Canadian within the heart of Montreal, RUDSAK is at the forefront to explore new territories while continuing to preserve the company’s local flair. The dream was to reach all levels of the fashion market, starting off producing handbags and outerwear and not long after they expanded into footwear and apparel. 2012 saw a further leap in the company’s success as they started a RUDSAK children’s line, motivated by Evik’s two sons and his desire to keep them warm and stylish throughout the harsh Canadian winters. The company is also the parent company to two other divisions; RUD (est. 2010) and Atelier Noir (est. 2011).
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